About Us

Core Values

The Passion For Creating Luxurious, Hospitable And Livable Places Is Not Just What We Do, But Who We Are.

Our efforts have been rewarded by a devoted following who know that no matter what the property is or where it is located, when they are in a Fein community, they are home.

Core Values

We believe in the American Dream — that life should be better and richer and fuller for everyone, with opportunity for each. Our communities and our company reflect that vision.

We believe in making our next project better than the last. We are driven by the desire to always improve and to never settle for less.

We believe that our word is our bond. Delivering on our promises to residents, investors and partners who honor us with their trust is how we measure our success.

We believe in hiring the best people, nurturing their personal and professional growth and fostering a culture of ownership where they are encouraged to participate in the creative process. Investing in our people is an investment in our future.

We believe that one of the greatest responsibilities a developer has is to create communities that enhance to their surroundings. Well-designed, responsibly managed communities have the power to transform neighborhoods and cities.

Most of all, we never forget the people who will live in our homes. It is through service to our residents that we find our greatest satisfaction.

when you're in a fein community, you're home.